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Emilie Mudd is an equestrian having ridden since the age of five. Emilie specializes in Three-Day Eventing but also competes in Rated Dressage and Jumper shows. 

Ambassadorship & Improvement

August 8, 2017

  I have finally gotten the internet up and running fast enough to finally update my blog!! Since my last blog post alot has happened and alot of improvements have been made.

  To start I would like to express how excited I am to have been chosen as a C4 Equestrian Belts Ambassador! As an ambassador, I promote the company and their products and earn points towards merchandise or prizes through purchases made using my unique ambassador code. When you use ambassador code C4MI6DQ you receive 10% off of your entire purchase at c4belts.com and the credit for the sale goes towards me as an ambassador! These belts come in so many great styles, patterns, and colors- the choices are endless.

  Now for the improvement aspect of my life: I can proudly say I can now successfully fold the Kool Coats with ease (It may not seem like much but it is an accomplishment for me!). Q and I have also made strides towards building his strength through regular conditioning on the North Carolina Hills and the beautiful gallop track here. His trot is steadily becoming more expressive and suspended and he is overall more connected over his entire body and pushing from behind. I have learned to focus less on his head carriage (since it is easy for him) and focus solely on moving his hind legs quicker underneath him so that it creates an overall balance and connection more so than putting him into a false connection based on the rein. We are working towards creating an upper level horse by training Q properly and completely in order to maintain confidence and maximize his potential.

  That is all for now but I will have an update Thursday or Friday to provide details from the Phillip Dutton clinic this week!!! I am very excited to have the opportunity to train with one of the top riders in the US and absorb as much knowledge and advice possible in two days. Tomorrow is Stadium day and I can say that the exercises look quite challenging... But who doesn't like a good challenge? Then Wednesday will be cross country day and I am sure Phillip has some tricks up his sleeve for that as well. Hopefully I can get some videos to post as well. 

~As always, any comments or questions are welcomed! 


Until Next Time






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