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Emilie Mudd is an equestrian having ridden since the age of five. Emilie specializes in Three-Day Eventing but also competes in Rated Dressage and Jumper shows. 

Moving Out and Growing Up

July 14, 2017

To start, I have to say that moving sixteen hours away from home to North Carolina is probably one of the scariest things that I have ever done. I was very lucky to be given a working student position at Gavilan Farm with event rider Will Faudree and I could not pass up the opportunity to expand not only my riding abilities but also my knowledge of the equestrian business. So, I packed everything for Q and I into my trailer and following the event at Chatt Hills the first weekend of July (which we won by the way!!) I began the drive to NC. Driving through the front gate for the first time had my heart pounding out of my chest and I was so nervous for what the year may bring. I was leaving all that I knew at home (i.e. friends, family, and Holly Hill) and venturing out on my own which is terrifying for me. I was pushing myself so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn't even process it. Q however, being his usual relaxed self, settled in right away just accepting that this is where we are living now. So, I started with unpacking my things and personalizing my space that way it would feel more like home, wich really helped. Then the real work began! My first day was luckily a day off or riding that way I could learn the ins and outs of managing the barn and meet everyone. Many people don't realize how many small details are involved in running such a tight ship and I didn't truly understand until I arrived here. I feel like I have learned more in this past week than is even imaginable. I have learned how to clean the stalls which includes flattening and sweeping the shavings back, how to properly fold the horse's Kool Coats (which I am STILL figuring out), and where all of the horses go/are and their personalities and quirks. Q and I have also learned alot together in our two lessons so far with Will and we will be having a cross country lesson on Saturday which I am definitely looking forward to!

Thankfully, as soon as I arrived I felt as if I fit right into this barn family and team and everyone was so welcoming. Sure I still miss home but I am beginning to embrace a new comfort zone at Gavilan Farm. 


~Stay tuned for an update on lessons/experiences and feel free to email suggestions of topics you would like to hear about or any questions!

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