About Me

Emilie Mudd is an equestrian having ridden since the age of five. Emilie specializes in Three-Day Eventing but also competes in Rated Dressage and Jumper shows. 

An Introduction

July 14, 2017

In writing this post, I hope to introduce everyone to my ideas behind this blog/website and my goals for it. Every week or two I hope to add a new blog post highlighting my competition experiences, discussing interesting topics of eventing, and as I move to North Carolina, sharing my experience as a working student with Will Faudree. I believe that sharing experiences such as these hopefully allows for those reading to learn something from the successes or mistakes that I share and also allows me to reflect on the events taking place in my life and with my horses. I want to share the exciting journey that I am about to embark on and learn something along the way too!

Thank you to everyone in advance who may take the time to read my posts and add their insight through comments or support!

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